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Top 5 Dead or Alive (X-Men): Cyclops


Top 5 Dead or Alive (X-Men): Cyclops


Scott Summers aka Cyclops is one of the Top 5 Dead or Alive Greatest X-Men of all time. Disagree? Why’s that? Cause you think of Scott as a by the book lame? That he isn’t as cool as Wolverine? I’m going to go on a limb and say this is all based off what you seen of him portrayed in the X-men films, X-men Evolution series (we praise the 90’s animated show tho) right?. Fuck. Out. Of. Here. With.…

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Anonymous asked:

storm is a glass cannon, she can be knocked out by people with human level strength. and her against silver surfer was PSI. she is underrated but also overrated in power. her stans will say she can solo all the x-men smh



Storm has her limits, indeed. As do other mutants of her caliber. I will admit that.
Could she take on every single member of the X-Men? I wouldn’t say so (although I’m sure some people on Comicvine will disagree).

See how many ppl get threatened by a powerful Black Woman that is a mutant? Quite possibly one of the most powerful mutants to exist in the Marvel universe? Telling. Absolutely telling.





Here I have drawn QUENTIN QUIRE for someone!

Kid Omega knows what’s up. #TeamCyclops

If you’d like your own drawing (by me) of QQ (or any other X-Person) that is a thing you can now purchase in my Etsy store!

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Oh, hey!  This is the Quentin Quire sketch that Chris Haley drew for me.  I cannot say enough amazing things about his talent, and I’m so thrilled to have a  piece of his artwork to call my very own.

If any of you out there are headed to HeroesCon, check this guy out!  Even if you can’t be there (like me, unfortunately), go to his blog, look around his Etsy store, READ HIS COMIC.

Very cool of you to say!

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