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I always thought that Clark and Bruce’s reactions were so juvenile with the whole Maxwell Lord thing. I mean, he was in the LASSO OF TRUTH and he had absolutely no intention of releasing Superman from his control and Max had almost used him to kill Wonder Woman. This of course was AFTER he already killed Ted Kord, who had no super powers, which went against Checkmate’s ideology. He could have used Superman to kill all of the other superheroes but did either of them think about this? Nope they just went straight to condemning Diana. She did what needed to be done, but they were too high up on their pedestals to see that. This is why I like Wonder Woman though, because although she preaches peace and love she is still a warrior. She does the things that Batman and Superman are afraid or won’t do. 







“One of the saddest days of my life was when my mother told me Superman did not exist… She thought I was crying because it’s like Santa Claus is not real. I was crying because there was no one coming with enough power to save us.”

i want to talk about kids of color & the superhuman/mutant discourse

this is heartbreaking.

hit me in all the feels.

I have cried looking at this. Just I’m just ruined. Anybody got a name for this fellow? p>

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