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Anthony Piper aka Black Ant’s take on Hip Hop versions of DC Superheroes. Check out Wondeisha the black Wonder Woman. All the Beyonce references KILLS me! Invisible Surfboard. Woke up like this. Chanel logo on the tights instead of the stars. Pure awesome.


What’s in store for character number 4?


Jaime Reyes as ”Blue Beetle”

Jaime Reyes begun his superhero career in high school in El Paso, TX, when he chanced upon an alien technology known as, the Scarab. The Scarab latched onto Jaime’s spine and fused with him, granting Jaime the ability to access an extremely advanced armor-suit capable of dispensing a wide variety of weapons, including a sonic cannon, as well as enhanced strength and flight. Jaime was quickly picked up by the Justice League and trained under Cyborg, the only hero with advanced enough knowledge to work with Jaime’s suit, who eventually recommended him to be placed on the Young Justice team. The Scarab, though fused with Jaime, still retains his own consciousness and often quarrels with Jaime about both his battle and life choices. Though rocky in the beginning, Jaime and the Scarab have formed a bond and are able to cooperate very well during battle. Jaime is now enrolled at Gotham University and is on a pre-dental path. He is currently romantically involved with his fellow teammate, Traci Sanshi aka Girl 13.His hobbies include doing nothing all day and hanging out with his teammates.

Design Remarks:

I love Jaime Reyes to an unhealthy degree. His suit is always awesome and its always nice to see minorities in big superhero roles! But the one thing I don’t like with suits with full on masks is when they just add a mouth (e.g. Batman Beyond, animated Transformers, etc) I think it looks a bit weird and I have no idea how that works. So I took out that part of his mask and made the eyes more like goggles. It gets a little Spider-man like but I am okay with that!

There will be 10 members of this group and you can check out the rest of the group currently drawn HERE: [LINK]




Here’s Your New Wonder Woman Twerking

We have been told that Gal Godot is undergoing an “intense” preparation to prepare for her role as Wonder Woman in “Not yet Named 2016 Man of Steel Sequel.” In an interview the actress said she was beginning

A very serious training regime – Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian…1,000 and 1 things…I’ll gain body mass.

One thing she won’t have to train doing is Twerking because as you can see in the ad for Castro Jeans that is running in Israel right now - she’s very, very good at it.


(commercial made me wish Gina Torres got wonder woman even more)

if that’s twerking then I might as well throw a frisbee and call it Destructo Disk



This is a clip from upcoming short on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block called Thunder & Lightning which is a cartoon about two black sister superheros!

Thunder and Lightning are the superhero daughters of DC Comics’ Black Lightning.Though the fathers super hero name is extremely questionable i’m aware that he was created decades ago by a white man that probably thinks he isnt racist and plus this is a show about two young black girls with super powers which last time i checked has never been done.

The short, though i wish for the sake of black children everywhere wasn’t a short will be airing on Saturday mornings at 10am on CartoonNetwork

Would you watch?

First of all, the main creator of Black Lightning, Tony Isabella isn’t a racist. He not only created Black Lightning, but also did writing for Black Goliath and Luke Cage, two of the more important black characters in Marvel history

So to start off, Tony Isabella has done more for black media than you ever have you know nothing faggot

Second, Black Lightning’s co-creater was a black man

Third, Black Lightning is named Black Lightning because during is origin time in the 70s, he started fighting the crime that Superman and folks like that missed, aka he went to the ghetto and handled hood shit. He was a hero for the black folk and was an afrocentric character, hence him putting Black in his name. 

Fourth, I like how you allude that Tony Isabella is a racist yet you fail to mention that his character is one of the first black characters to be more than just a common thug? Black Lightning was an educator, an Olympic athlete and a role model in his community who ultimately become the Secretary of Education

So in other words

Shut the fuck up you assuming ass faggot slut and stop tossing out random ass uneducated comic book opinions if you know nothing about comics

Also, suck a fucking dick 

dude just caught the ill fade (this post black nerd approved) PAY HOMAGE!!!

OH MY GOD YES!!! I feel like you gotta do a background check to make sure they’re truly nerd. Even in the bedroom man. Batman related underwear isn’t going to stop the interrogation. ….The hotter the person the easier the question but thats beside the point.

Me: whose batman’s sidekick
Her: Blue Jay?
Me:… Close enough.. (25 minutes later).. I’M SORRY I CAN’T DO THIS
BLUE JAY?! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW ITS ROBIN? I think i should go.  

In college i asked a dude in a GL shirt which was his favorite Green Lantern to which he replied “oh uhh i dont know the names but there was one that was like kinda real redneckish. I like him” 

I wanted to rip the symbol off his shirt like i was robbing him of a platinum necklace….or his soul. (and i’;m going to assume he meant Guy Gardner which doesn’t even make sense since he’s from fucking Michigan. Fucking idiot.

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