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Avengers VS X-Men. Cyclops throws the first blow. People really need to stop sleeping on Scott Summers. I hate what the x-men movies portrayed him as. This dude is just as important to the series if not more so than every ones favorite x-man wolverine. This is the guy thats gotten them outta trouble each and every time.

Nick Fury’s files on cyclops say the less time he has to formulate a plan the better it is. Yea. THE LESS TIME HE HAS…THE BETTER THE PLAN! What the fuck? That’s the dude I want in my corner. I’m sorry I respect the hell out of captain america, that dude is a monster, but if my people are on the brink of extinction and you run up in my house talking bout hand over the child i believe that is key to keeping my people alive? nah. fuck that. you gots to go. (obviously comic books is where my inner hood-ness comes out)

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