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Geoff Johns is the gawd for what he did to Green Lantern. There is no doubt of that. The man did a 9 year story on Green Lantern. He had us enticed for 9 years sun. He put Green Lantern back on the map….. and the final he gave us?!? 


My dude real freaking tears man 

Geoff Gave us everything we coulda asked for even closed the shit out for us in the future so we see how it all plays out.. he gave us the last supper and we still full off that shit months later man 

The only problem is now…where do we go. What are we supposed to do now yo? The Green Lantern book now…I was trying man. For real tho i was fucking trying my god damn best but….sun..i just….. my nerds i just 

For real man its soooooo boring now. The relic shit didnt hit like sinestro crops war did man. The whole our weapons are draining life from the universe and this war with the khunds…..its… sooo ….boring man fuuuck.

It kills me to say this shit man. i wanna support Green Lantern Corps too cause fucking FINALLY John Stewart is on his own and getting a book to himself right. He’s black I’m black we should be cool but no negusssss nooooooo no we not John and I am so fucking sorry I feel like i let black history month down on that shit man.

The worst part is how is red lantern the best book of the green lanterns (i aint even bringing kyle new guardians ass into this no. He not goin do it for the vine or readers yo) Guy Gardner is killing the game right now an they drafted super girl onto red lanterns? I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON ANYMORE!!!!

Yall don’t know how much this hurts me man. Negus i got a fucking Green Lantern tattoo on my arm. THIS SHIT IS ON MY ARM B! 24/7. I GOTTA LIVE WITH THIS SHIT SUN. YALL DONT KNOOOOW MY STRUGGLE!! I didnt mind the wack ass movie cause at least i could use the comic books as the saving grace but now….arghhhhh  i cant even do that!!

I feel like Diddy in the victory video at the end shouting out “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?! HUH?! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!? ITS ALL FUCKED UP NOW!!”

The problem is Geoff John run on Green Lantern is the literary equivalent to Lil Wayne’s amillie beat. Now everyone on it after him trying to remix it and freestyle it but it cant be done yo….Green Latern should be canceled till one of the writing gods steps down from Olympus and decides to make that shit the ether again. Till then let it go doe….





Everyone was talking bout “Ohhhh they were so forced together by Marvel, It was retcons made to bring them together by altering their back story,They werent good together, Book was bad, yada yada yada”

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan listen,

For real? I can not have been the only one that enjoyed this shit tho. I mean This was Marvel Barack and Michelle right here. This was that feel good representation right here. This was opening a book and seeing people that look like me in love at its finest right here (no scandal / Being Mary Jane, other man/ woman/ mutant on the side [sorry bout it wolverine and Nightcrawler], This was good old fashion growth…in my opinion. 

To me it came full circle
cause Sue and Reed RichardsBeen Married Long as hell right?

Now lets go with a next big marriage: Luke Cage & Jessica Jones

Then we had the tide turning Black Album of Weddings Storm and Panther

Now look at what we have, Caucasian, Interracial, and a Black couple. Everyone represented and balance right. Marvel went through a lot to say that Storm and Panther marriage was a game changer. The watcher showed up to the party to see this shit. The watcher who only appears for world (galaxy?) changing shit. Charles Xavier telling Storm “Yo you represent  us now, you’re  the top mutant now nah mean. You are the bridge between humans and mutants now. YOU. GOT. THE. JUICE. NOW.” 

That a foreshadow to me that Marvel is going to try and make this work and we going see Storm get her due even more so cause now she knows

and she going drop that new development in comics like

With Black Panther learning marriage & watching his wife reign like

No what we got was an out of character T’challa divorcing his wife in AVX as the big shocker. …Get all the way the fuck outta here with that man. Really? Really? We can’t write  a black couple lasting? No? we just goin move storm to wolverine now? Word? I can’t name a black couple in Marvel now or a black married couple for that matter man…. shit hurts.

But yall don’t hear me tho

BKBUGLET: Dan Didio Rant


Ok, the more I read about Dan Didio and his influence over DC comics the more frustrated I get.

He’s responsible for Countdown to Final Crisis, known as one of the biggest fuck-ups in current comic history.

He hates Dick Grayson, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Caine.

When a fan asked him about having more women write comics at a Con he essentially told them to fuck off (seriously look it up).

He hated the 52 for no reason and claimed that Countdown was an improvement (are you kidding me?)

He’s responsible for the New 52 and that includes Starfire, Catwoman, Power Girl and Amanda Waller being turned into nothing more than a sex objects.

He and other editors wanted to kill off John Stewart, you know the only black green lantern. The one everyone likes because of the awesome cartoon.

He “apologized” to writers claiming that there would be more control for them and less editorial mandate. BULLSHIT!

And he’s partially responsible for ruining the history of the Teen Titans and that team in general by letting Scott Lobdell continue to work for them.


And let’s be honest he’s basically ruined Dick Grayson’s life. Though I believe that was a united front (why does DC hate him?).

Let’s not forget the rock incident!

The point I’m trying to make is that DC refuses to fire this guy and replace him with someone more qualified. I know that it seems scary to hire someone new, but they might have to.

They’re losing fans and the continuity between the movies, cartoons and comics is a complete mess.

I’ve decided from this moment onwards that I will not be purchasing DC comics. I find them offensive to women, people of any race that isn’t white (though I have to say they aren’t that nice to white people either), children (where’s Lian? why did you let Damian die?) and they seem to give a rats ass what the fans think of them.

I will be reading them second hand by buying all of the pre-reboot comics or downloading them online.

But in all honesty I’m fed up with this brand and disgusted with how much they’ve sold out.

Shame on you DC.

Rant over

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Last night’s three episodes of Community did something to me. I had exams to study for and I didn’t get to see them until now. I had to wait. Waiting is the worst part of it all. I had to stay off Tumblr to not see any spoilers.

This show has done something to me. It has made me realize the importance of a show like this. All of the things they say in the last episode were so inspiring. They actually have heart. Real heart. That means something, especially for a TV show. A TV show can give you more happiness than what some friends, possessions, etc. can give you. That means something. It’s amazing.

Dan Harmon has made one of the single greatest shows to ever be on television and it’s only been on for 3 seasons. All of the characters teach you different things about yourself. I find my awkwardness in Abed, my love in Shirley, my weirdness in Troy, my cockiness in Jeff, my outlandishness in Pierce, my failures in Britta (sorry), and my upbeatness in Annie. I see all of that and then they all come together as one: a Community. 

Never leave Community. If you do, maybe then people will realize how amazing you are.

Sorry for ranting. Please reblog if you feel the same.

Creepy Word #1 Moist

Moist is by far one of the creepiest words in the English language. To me at least. I swear on everything known to man i hate this word. It sounds disgusting coming out of anyone’s mouth. its just feels verbally dirty. If there is even such a thing or phrase. if not then fuck it I will coin it now. This is a verbally dirty word. That can’t and won’t ever unhappen.

Every time someone says the word “Moist” i envision some sexual predator rubbing his hands together like Mr. Burns over looking kids in a newly bought sweat shop (while saying excellent or not totally up to you) just saying “oh sally (i use sallly as an example a lot it rolls out easier then Rebecca Margerie or Tashana) you’re panties are soo moiiiiiist”. ARghhh Thats so super fucking creep-tastic.

If I am getting it on with a woman/mermaid/amazon queen and she says i’m so moist my first thought would be okay why are you saying that word as if you’re some type of yellow cake and my second thought would be well looks we’re goin have to talk about our feelings hopes dreams and fears now cause thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis is super over now.

And i know you’re like well what word would you use to replace her saying moist. That  simple. Wet. say wet like a normal human uncreepy person would. like honestly if you are saying moist in the bedroom you’re not getting it on you’re practicing synonyms for your play in words with friends. I would even suggest using damp but see previous statement.

In closing I do cringe at the use of the word and hope that it gets whited-out in each present and future dictionary. fuck moist. fuck moist and the people that use it voluntarily. 

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