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Black Nerd Problems: Greatest Nicktoon in the game Doug or Hey Arnold?!

So randomnessasusual and I got into a Twitter Argument/ debate / nerd off over who would win in a free style battle. Arnold or Doug Funnie. which then turned into who held Nickelodeon Down. 

Son. I liked Hey Arnold. It was a good show. But Doug Funnie? Doug Funnie made it so Arnold was able to fucking eat man. Come on b. Doug is still the realest Nick toon to ever fucking do it. Break that shit down. 

First off I gotta consider Doug to be the DMX of the game since he so close with porkchop. so thats “Get at meee dooooog” off the strength. 

Doug had the musical talent off the bat. Nobody else was killing the banjo game like Doug Funnie b. Remember the think big beat? The bangin on a trash can mixtape? What are we really talkin tho Doug had the music game on lock. He said he was writing in a journal but that shit was a fucking book of rhymes lets be 100. 

Doug had hella girl issues cause all he wanted was that Patti Mayonnaise 
aka What These Crushes Want From A Nicktoon. You can’t tell me patti wasn’t black either. So he was on that black girl magic as far as i’m concerned…

Dude was smitten as heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll

Arnold had 0 prospects. Taj was like Doug was friend zoned. Thats a give and take but shit thats the struggle at 12 man. Doug was giving us that real rap raw I’m trying to wife you up but you playin games life man. Arnold was gettin chumped by the Helga who actually liked him. He had to keep it together or wind up as a lifetime movie if he went off on her. 

I’ll give Arnold street credit for bein in what looked to be ny city. Doug was suburbs. However thats all Arnold can claim man. That and his tiny ass fifty cap. Now Doug’s imagination game was too fucking crazy. He imagined himself a a fucking spy, a super hero, a adventurer, so thats smash adams, quail man, duragno doug, thats more akas then most rappers we know and i aint even name them all. Thats mad content and mad diversity. Doug was king of the day dreams man.  Hey Arnold was living life maaaaaad J.Cole to be honest…. sorry bout it. (not really)

Sun The Trap Rap Game Is Doug Funnie. He is the best Nicktoon to do it. He put Nickeoldeon on his back for years till Disney stole him in the draft round.

Yo. I gotta give it to doug b. Pay Homage and Let the Nickelodeon Gawd Rock.
21 years later and still stunting on these folk

DC Is A White Fanboys' Club


I say this with the utmost love and respect because it’s true.

I remember when I was about 11 yrs old, Toonami started showing the ‘Justice League’ animated series. Of course, being the ecstatic superhero fangirl that I am, I tuned in every chance I got. I loved that…


After introducing characters such as Huntress, Deathstroke, (New) Black Canary, & Barry Allen it seems that CW’s Arrow is really serving as the gateway into expanding the live action DC television-verse. On paper this is probably one the most unique episodes this show has done to date. After laying the groundwork by introducing Broze Tiger, Shrapnel, Amanda Waller (this season) and Deadshot way back in season one. The series finale reveals it’s version of the Suicide Squad led by John fucking Diggle. Maaaaan it’s about time Diggle got his time to shine, I felt that with the inclusion of Black Canary & Roy Harper the shoot-em up (heroin) gawd to #TeamArrow it’s been all blacks to the back this season for David Ramsey’s Diggle.

However this episode right here tho? It’s safe to say that The CW and DC comics trying to do the lawd’s work. So we know Slade is out and about trying to merk off Team Arrow. We got Diggle looking out for Smoke in his whip uber in the cut on some Kevin Costner (No Water World) Body Guard shit throughout the night. Smoke gets in the car offering join that hot coco (which Dig damn near tossed it out the window because there wasn’t marshmallows in it… wise up Felicity) and we learn Ollie got someone watching all members of the family. Smoke makes the matter too real as she says if Slade wants her dead there’s really nothing anyone can do. As Smoke leaves Diggle informs her,

“Aye…………………………… Nice Jammies”

He’s in the friendzone forreal

[It should be noted John Ostrander is a comic book writer best known for his run on Suicide Squad. Man DC is goin the distance with these shout outs.] Diggle then gets the Nextel chirp like “boop beep”. It’s his ex-wife on the line telling your boy to cum thru. Diggle left his post protecting Oliver’s family & loved ones over some ass & by law we gotta allow it. Real recognize real. This is probably payback in a way for letting Diggle face Deadshot alone in season one while Oliver cozied up with Laurel. Diggle’s can’t even roll over and put his drawls back on when the Based Gawd Amanda Waller comes thru to intercept the pair telling them they need to be debriefed for a mission, a mission that Diggle reluctantly accepts.

I gotta note that I’m not feeling the New 52’s leaner version of The Wall son. I like my Amanda like she is a cup of Coldstone away from having her leg amputated. She’s at her best and most dominate in my opinion when she’s large and in charge. This new character design feels like body shaming to me & no female deserves that. Anyways, Gholem a dealer/trader/merchant of non-legal shit whose life Dig saved back in his army days is in the states trying to collect weapons of mass destruction. So they don’t want the Hood nah, they need Starling City’s OTHER son to go in and dead this dudes whole operation, and to do that he’s going to need a team one Amanda Waller already got in mind

Yes the moment we’ve all been waiting for… SUICIDE SQUAD IN THE BUILDING HAAAAAAAAAN! BEN TURNER AKA BRONZE TIGER, FLOYD LAWTON AKA DEADSHOT , and this guy in the back codename Shrapnel who complains about “the system” and yada yada yada long story short dude looks like he has “red shirt” written all over him. We also get a glimpse of

Harley Quinn who’s voice was dubbed out by the one true voice of the character Tara Strong 

The mission is simple get in Gholem’s good graces with the reminder of the man that saved his life and infiltrate the home base. Sounds easy enough. So we got the obvious set up, Diggle just “happening to run into” Gholem, a staged shooting by Deadshot (won’t spoil who) and John saving Gholem’s life yet again (it should be noted Gholem’s security was HELLA LATE. Dude ran over with fresh ass mustard stains on his face like he was on lunch eating that five dollar foot long. The best part of this scene is the reference to Secret Six shout out’s Gail Simone! as Amanda name checks everyone and call herself Mockingbird (read the book to find out that gem). Now everything is going to plan until this fuck boy Shrapnel decides he wants to go awol with the damn getaway car. Oh best believe The Wall got something for that ass!

Diggle gets back to the hide out, son is freaking out. This the same dude that went thru moral changes because he killed a kid THAT WAS SHOOTING AN ARMY GRADE RIFLE. Yeah… Diggle is NOT bout this murder game. Where this episode shines in my opinion are the interactions between Diggle & Deadshot which I enjoyed FAR more than I thought I would. Seeing how none of Arrow’s side villains gets any character development including Bronze Tiger who went barely used once again. It was great seeing Michael Rowe have fun and bring some personality to the character.

The plan is set, infiltrate the party, extract the nerve gas, get the hell out of dodge which seems simple only Gholem has produced an insane amount of nerve gas that would be impossible to pocket soooooo..Amanda kinda sent a homing rocket that will blow up the supply of nerve gas, level the entire house, and kill everyone in its path. Oh and the homing beacon… planted inside Floyd Lawton’s head so wherever he goes the missile follows. After getting free of the missile Diggle tells Amanda to basically go fuck herself and quits the team.

In this week’s B story not that it’s really that important Oliver is still shook that Slade Wilson is about to wage on everything he loves & we learn an important lesson on trust and openness in relationships.

The Ollie role in this episode is pretty concise and there in a sense to just be there. in short Ollie meets up with his Russian connect and forces them to find info on Slade Wilson. They usually require a favor for a favor but Ollie aint having that. He aint got time for the bullshit either as they pull dem thangs on him like he just does these training montage for fun so he lets’em know who really runs things taken cats on 4 at a time likes its nothing

Sarah lets him know he’s keeping everything inside….pushing loved ones away….ollie says he’s doing so cause slade will use her to hurt him…ughh emotions. The best part is slade with the mind games on Ollie with the ill na-na subtle messages 

(This is straight out of Identity Crisis where Ollie stabbed Slade’s blind eye in a fight and he left this as a message he was comin for revenge. See Green Arrow: One Year Later for that beauty)

Ollie sees this and you can just hear Mobb Deep’s Shook Ones play all across his face as Slade watches from the shadows in his ill homegrown cosplay outfit 

There is another scene where Slade beats Ollie to the punch and sends a message by having an old video of shadow projected on the walls of the office he is standing in. I can see why the gawd would do that for psychological effect but……where did you get the footage from Slade? Come on b, this getting borderline creepy. So Sarah gives Ollie the we can do it together pep talk, it also comes from laurel to let Sarah in…..which…is kinda…you know all things considered

Ollie then goes to Amanda Waller for help which was really surprising and we get some insight that she knows a lot about Ollie on the island especially his encounter with Slade. Hopefully that gets looked into as well. Amanda does have some info about an assassin they have been tracking all the way to star city, he been leaving body bags on body bags, and they only know him by his Codename:



Everyone was talking bout “Ohhhh they were so forced together by Marvel, It was retcons made to bring them together by altering their back story,They werent good together, Book was bad, yada yada yada”

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan listen,

For real? I can not have been the only one that enjoyed this shit tho. I mean This was Marvel Barack and Michelle right here. This was that feel good representation right here. This was opening a book and seeing people that look like me in love at its finest right here (no scandal / Being Mary Jane, other man/ woman/ mutant on the side [sorry bout it wolverine and Nightcrawler], This was good old fashion growth…in my opinion. 

To me it came full circle
cause Sue and Reed RichardsBeen Married Long as hell right?

Now lets go with a next big marriage: Luke Cage & Jessica Jones

Then we had the tide turning Black Album of Weddings Storm and Panther

Now look at what we have, Caucasian, Interracial, and a Black couple. Everyone represented and balance right. Marvel went through a lot to say that Storm and Panther marriage was a game changer. The watcher showed up to the party to see this shit. The watcher who only appears for world (galaxy?) changing shit. Charles Xavier telling Storm “Yo you represent  us now, you’re  the top mutant now nah mean. You are the bridge between humans and mutants now. YOU. GOT. THE. JUICE. NOW.” 

That a foreshadow to me that Marvel is going to try and make this work and we going see Storm get her due even more so cause now she knows

and she going drop that new development in comics like

With Black Panther learning marriage & watching his wife reign like

No what we got was an out of character T’challa divorcing his wife in AVX as the big shocker. …Get all the way the fuck outta here with that man. Really? Really? We can’t write  a black couple lasting? No? we just goin move storm to wolverine now? Word? I can’t name a black couple in Marvel now or a black married couple for that matter man…. shit hurts.

But yall don’t hear me tho

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Ian Khadan {The Skyrim Mixtape Vol 5: Scrolls, Spells, and Swishas} (via omarholmon)



"This shit is about to get ridiculous, like my bed is a cheat code
and i took all my sex moves from street fighter II, left, right, down-forward,
A,B,A,B. She said she really enjoyed the experience but wondered why he kept yelling, HADOUKEN!”-Urbana 2011

If we talkin team ups then…..

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