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Hip Hop Meets Street Fighter: An Unlikely Fan Casting of Hip Hop’s Street Cred


Hip Hop Meets Street Fighter: An Unlikely Fan Casting of Hip Hop’s Street Cred


[dropcap2]H[/dropcap2]ip hop, meet Street Fighter. And I couldn’t be more thrilled you’ve met.

For many, the 90’s was the golden decade for hip hop. We listened to DMX bark without question and didn’t laugh…

A Love Letter to Josei Manga

Manga: Something I’ve grown up reading, coveting and sharing with others. The thing about it is that after a while I found myself grown up—a woman and reading more of a specific genre. While shojo manga has always and will always have a special place in my heart as I addressed here, I feel like I need to acknowledge how I stumbled upon Josei manga and how it cememted itself into my bookshelves.

Let’s start at the beginning. What exactly is Josei? Pronounced “JOH-say”, it is what I like to call Shojo manga’s big sister. OR final form. Famillar with the manga genre known as Shonen? As in “Shonen Jump”? Shonen is to Seinen as Shojo is to Josei. Where Shojo’s targeted audience is somewhere between 12-18 years of age, Josei’s targeted audience targets the age group directly after that: adult women

Why Am I the Only Black Kid in Westoros?

 Didn’t we watch platinum-blonde Daenerys Targaryen crowd-surf an ocean of brown and black bodies in Meereen? In a fictional world they saw fit to make a nation of slaves be black and brown and rescued by a young white queen in a season ending scene. They haven’t put too much thought into this. I imagine them filming in Northern Ireland with a clap board that reads “White Savior, Take 1.”

“What’s my motivation?” Dany might ask. “You’re a rock star, but your lyrics were the Emancipation Proclamation.” Director David Nutter swirls a finger in the air signaling to roll camera.

Why The Hood Bangs With Naruto

Motherfuckers really didn’t love Drake until we realized we needed him (Don’t ask me what we need Light Skinned Seal for. Maybe to give the hood access is to its emotions, maybe to remind us that Al B. Sure was a thing). Motherfuckers didn’t love Naruto until they realized that the same boy who they shunned, feared, and ridiculed for years was their only hope if they didn’t want to end up either crushed like little shinobi ants by Pain Da Gawd or end up in Madara’s (I’ll keep it real 40 issues ago for you cats who ain’t caught up yet) endless Day Dream plan. Everybody was talking trash about the boy until he went Sage Mode and became Frog Eyed Jesus to save these saaaaaaame village that were just throwing dirt on ya boy’s name? Swag on them Young Ninja, swag.

by Danez Smith…. See the rest at the link

That Time Kelly Sue DeConnick Turned the White Savior Complex on its Ear and Nobody Noticed | Website dedicated to and from the perspective of Blerds (Black Nerds). We tackle all subjects for your nerd pedigree



This piece on Black Nerd Problems made me really happy. I think you’re going to like Issue #6.

Awww, be still my heart. Thank YOU kellysue!

Who is King In The Black Nerds?

We’re a POC nerd site over here. Now, nerds of color have always been around {Dwayne Wade (Different World) you expected me to say Urkel huh? You don’t know my life.} but it wasn’t until the more recent years that it has become “socially acceptable” to be one. Where once you’d be exiled by your own for enjoying comic books, rocking comic book shirts, that is the case no longer. Thanks to years of POC Nerds Rights Protests and in part to Obama shouting out that geek life in the white house. We have our haven or kingdom if you will, which begs one question that I’ll throw back to Naruto and ask you like Asuma asked Shikamaru…



Oberyn VS The Mountain

Well, after last sunday’s epic fight and the shocking double KO, i just couldn’t avoid making the connection with one of the most 90s iconic video game, Street Fighter 2. Oberyn as Ryu, and The mountain would make a perfect Zangief.



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