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no outfit in particular, just something generic that sorta looks like what shes worn.

why’d she marry black panther again? was it just a case of ‘shes black, he’s black they should marry?’

Retcon story of them meeting together in their youth, but T’challa’s drive for revenge separated them. They oculda been great together but it was like cats couldnt find an interesting angle for a married couple (cept sue &reed / Luke & Jessica). They iced parker’s marriage. Panther and Storm tho?….. coulda been what the game needed. Coulda had it all

That Time Kelly Sue DeConnick Turned the White Savior Complex on its Ear and Nobody Noticed | Website dedicated to and from the perspective of Blerds (Black Nerds). We tackle all subjects for your nerd pedigree



This piece on Black Nerd Problems made me really happy. I think you’re going to like Issue #6.

Awww, be still my heart. Thank YOU kellysue!


Preview for MOON KNIGHT #5; the penultimate issue of our run

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Declan Shalvey

Colours by Jordie Bellaire

Lettered by Chris Eliopoulos

Out tomorrow!

this is the best comic book issue of 2014 across the board. They did The Raid Redemption & Raid 2 in this and that shit was gloooooorious

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