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Anonymous asked:

Do you have any nude pics of yourself?







This ain’t that kinda blog anon, sorry >.>””””

Seriously, what is it about my blog that tells y’all that I would have nudes of myself?

they just wanna see your nudes cuz you have a cute face tbh

this is still such an inappropriate question tho why would you ask like that damn go on google and look for a butt if youre that thirsty


*Meanwhile in South Dakota*






Ha! Sweet baby #hazel, we made it in Aaaaamericaaaaaaa. #saga #fancasting #imagecomics #imagecomics #blacknerdproblems

omarholmon put together this fanccast for the comic Saga eons ago inspired by a podcast……Black Nerd Problems got some butthurt comments on the website…

AND more on twitter. Some folks put up such a stink that Image Comics set the record straight in another tweet about whitewashing (Not included here in this post, cant find the screen cap) Anyway this iImage Comics after the fact directing folks our way to discuss fan casting. :)

BNP getting that shout out by Image Comics tho! OOOOOOOOO!

Meanwhile the butt hurt realizing we spiked they drinks like…

Suyin Beifong Listens to Bobby Schmurda cause…

as of 8/29/2014 she caught a body bout a week ago….

and we still tweekin thoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

(Suyin used body armor to catch a body…the irony of that…wait iron is in irony she bent that too! THERS SO MANY LEVELS TO THIS SHIT!)

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