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LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh my god they remixed it!!!!!!!!!!!



Black Nerd Problems: Greatest Nicktoon in the game Doug or Hey Arnold?!

So randomnessasusual and I got into a Twitter Argument/ debate / nerd off over who would win in a free style battle. Arnold or Doug Funnie. which then turned into who held Nickelodeon Down. 

Son. I liked Hey Arnold. It was a good show. But Doug Funnie? Doug Funnie made it so Arnold was able to fucking eat man. Come on b. Doug is still the realest Nick toon to ever fucking do it. Break that shit down. 

First off I gotta consider Doug to be the DMX of the game since he so close with porkchop. so thats “Get at meee dooooog” off the strength. 

Doug had the musical talent off the bat. Nobody else was killing the banjo game like Doug Funnie b. Remember the think big beat? The bangin on a trash can mixtape? What are we really talkin tho Doug had the music game on lock. He said he was writing in a journal but that shit was a fucking book of rhymes lets be 100. 

Doug had hella girl issues cause all he wanted was that Patti Mayonnaise 
aka What These Crushes Want From A Nicktoon. You can’t tell me patti wasn’t black either. So he was on that black girl magic as far as i’m concerned…

Dude was smitten as heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll

Arnold had 0 prospects. Taj was like Doug was friend zoned. Thats a give and take but shit thats the struggle at 12 man. Doug was giving us that real rap raw I’m trying to wife you up but you playin games life man. Arnold was gettin chumped by the Helga who actually liked him. He had to keep it together or wind up as a lifetime movie if he went off on her. 

I’ll give Arnold street credit for bein in what looked to be ny city. Doug was suburbs. However thats all Arnold can claim man. That and his tiny ass fifty cap. Now Doug’s imagination game was too fucking crazy. He imagined himself a a fucking spy, a super hero, a adventurer, so thats smash adams, quail man, duragno doug, thats more akas then most rappers we know and i aint even name them all. Thats mad content and mad diversity. Doug was king of the day dreams man.  Hey Arnold was living life maaaaaad J.Cole to be honest…. sorry bout it. (not really)

Sun The Trap Rap Game Is Doug Funnie. He is the best Nicktoon to do it. He put Nickeoldeon on his back for years till Disney stole him in the draft round.

Yo. I gotta give it to doug b. Pay Homage and Let the Nickelodeon Gawd Rock.
21 years later and still stunting on these folk

Geoff Johns is the gawd for what he did to Green Lantern. There is no doubt of that. The man did a 9 year story on Green Lantern. He had us enticed for 9 years sun. He put Green Lantern back on the map….. and the final he gave us?!? 


My dude real freaking tears man 

Geoff Gave us everything we coulda asked for even closed the shit out for us in the future so we see how it all plays out.. he gave us the last supper and we still full off that shit months later man 

The only problem is now…where do we go. What are we supposed to do now yo? The Green Lantern book now…I was trying man. For real tho i was fucking trying my god damn best but….sun..i just….. my nerds i just 

For real man its soooooo boring now. The relic shit didnt hit like sinestro crops war did man. The whole our weapons are draining life from the universe and this war with the khunds…..its… sooo ….boring man fuuuck.

It kills me to say this shit man. i wanna support Green Lantern Corps too cause fucking FINALLY John Stewart is on his own and getting a book to himself right. He’s black I’m black we should be cool but no negusssss nooooooo no we not John and I am so fucking sorry I feel like i let black history month down on that shit man.

The worst part is how is red lantern the best book of the green lanterns (i aint even bringing kyle new guardians ass into this no. He not goin do it for the vine or readers yo) Guy Gardner is killing the game right now an they drafted super girl onto red lanterns? I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON ANYMORE!!!!

Yall don’t know how much this hurts me man. Negus i got a fucking Green Lantern tattoo on my arm. THIS SHIT IS ON MY ARM B! 24/7. I GOTTA LIVE WITH THIS SHIT SUN. YALL DONT KNOOOOW MY STRUGGLE!! I didnt mind the wack ass movie cause at least i could use the comic books as the saving grace but now….arghhhhh  i cant even do that!!

I feel like Diddy in the victory video at the end shouting out “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?! HUH?! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW?!? ITS ALL FUCKED UP NOW!!”

The problem is Geoff John run on Green Lantern is the literary equivalent to Lil Wayne’s amillie beat. Now everyone on it after him trying to remix it and freestyle it but it cant be done yo….Green Latern should be canceled till one of the writing gods steps down from Olympus and decides to make that shit the ether again. Till then let it go doe….





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