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DC Is A White Fanboys' Club


I say this with the utmost love and respect because it’s true.

I remember when I was about 11 yrs old, Toonami started showing the ‘Justice League’ animated series. Of course, being the ecstatic superhero fangirl that I am, I tuned in every chance I got. I loved that…


So like people are always like “how can you talk about these important social justice issues like race and sexuality etc with children it’s just too advanced and it doesn’t really come into play at all in their life they’re just children they don’t think about race” 


which brings me to The Berenstain Bears New Neighbors.

I frickin loved this series when I was a little kid (they even had cool summary poems in the beginning of each little book!)

but this book is awesome because 

a) the Panda bears are clearly a metaphor for Chinese people moving in and this type of racist attitude that many asian communities faced on the track to being model minorities

b) Papa bear is racist and literally gets called out by Mama Bear who is like “fuck this shit, how can you hate ppl on sight?”

C) and Papa Bear says some real racist shit and like Brother and Sister Bear literally are like “we don’t understand this logic” WHICH SHOWS HOW RACISM HAS TO BE TAUGHT

D) and when Papa Bear is like “well they’re DIFFERENT!” Mama Bear throws down some serious calling out. Like IN FRONT OF THE KIDS. No holds barred, she goes “you’re being silly, like you complain when we eat the same thing every day for a couple of days and you’re totally happy when we eat different things and if you’re that accepting about food what does that say about the way you view people.” 

E) Which is like absolutely the most amazing display of rhetoric in a children’s book ever

F) also at the end of the book after Papa Bear has basically been like “Grumble grumble grumble they ARE DIFFERENT GRUMBLE” they go to this BBQ that the new family hosts and they serve BARBECUE BAMBOO SHOOTS and Papa Bear is like “oh damn this is delicious”

G) which, like, Speaks to me as a Chinese woman because lord knows, y’all may call us shit for being different but y’all really do scarf down our food like nobody’s business 

H) and the last shot is this perplexed Panda Mama surrounded by a whole bunch of (white) Bears going “mmmm! Delicious! So good” and she’s giving them the side eye and it just reminded me of all the times when I was little when my friends would come over and my mom would fry up some like spam or vienna with eggs and rice and they would just like shit their pants and my mom would be like “…OK then white ppl have lower standards clearly” Like literally the last panel is HILARIOUS and I love this book and I don’t care if ppl think it’s awkward OK it was amazing 


"Martin, tell me you and Malcolm… well yall friends now and you got up there and his spirit is reverting back to "Red" and any day now he will shoot them down less they do right by me so tell them…tell them to spray paint an x on every brick in his honer"- Falu " Barack Obama Says to Dr. King"

Falu will forever go for the jugular and give you that WORK!


"Woman never set foot on African soul
but moved like her blood was on her fire, like jungle vines choked her spine France licked her off their fingers and begged for more
more chocolate truffle shuffle more bon bon burlesque
you could learn a trick or two from madam Josephine because…
you dont sound like the black girl i called in for….

Heard your pussy was God’s way of saying,
"mutha fucka what" -Eboni Hogan

Yall ain’t got enough Eboni Hogan in your life… That heat maker


Theres a thin line between what you think you’ll do when someone head butts you and what you actually do when someone head butts you”-Eboni Hogan

Realize that this is at NUPIC. Under ground indie slam at Nationals in 2010
where the jdges are the poets…you seeing that real fight club life right here.



Danez Smith - “A Sermon” (Rustbelt 2013)

"I’ve never known an orgasm not to be holy. You try to syphon a sweet name from your blood and not thank the lord for endless rows of skin begging someone to run, to seed, to harvest.”

Danez Smith, Rustbelt Individual Champion, performing during indie finals.


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