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Hanif Abdurraqib - “Ode to Biggie” (Rustbelt 2014)

"And then God bled on a street in Los Angeles and we decided that maybe he wasn’t God, after all."

Performing during prelims at the 2014 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam.

That Time Kelly Sue DeConnick Turned the White Savior Complex on its Ear and Nobody Noticed | Website dedicated to and from the perspective of Blerds (Black Nerds). We tackle all subjects for your nerd pedigree



This piece on Black Nerd Problems made me really happy. I think you’re going to like Issue #6.

Awww, be still my heart. Thank YOU kellysue!

As promised


The extravagant, unedited dildo poem that I wrote on the spot to be performed an thirty minutes later.

My best friend says I need to start acting like an adult
and buy a fucking vibrator
I say I need to start acting like an adult
and save my fucking money

because I don’t need no ten dollar…

Alex Santiago and Joshua Melendez (Team Philly PYPM) perform “Office Space”

"Your degree aint got shit to do with this job
so as car as I’m concerend fuck yo masters Degree”

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!! My man said fuck yo degree"

Who is King In The Black Nerds?

We’re a POC nerd site over here. Now, nerds of color have always been around {Dwayne Wade (Different World) you expected me to say Urkel huh? You don’t know my life.} but it wasn’t until the more recent years that it has become “socially acceptable” to be one. Where once you’d be exiled by your own for enjoying comic books, rocking comic book shirts, that is the case no longer. Thanks to years of POC Nerds Rights Protests and in part to Obama shouting out that geek life in the white house. We have our haven or kingdom if you will, which begs one question that I’ll throw back to Naruto and ask you like Asuma asked Shikamaru…


Will Evans - “For Columbus” (After “My Town” by Buddy Wakefield)

"My town thinks progress is a one-way Greyhound to another city." 

"Where we teach 19 year old athletes that blow jobs are severance pay for the chance to turn their knees into shrapnel to raise the price on box seats." 

Will Evans, performing for the Columbus Writing Wrongs team at the Finals for the 2013 Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam.

Game of Thrones Recap: "The Watchers on the Wall"

When the action starts and the Wildlings start runnin up in the Crows castle (couldn’t bring myself to say nest in earnest) like search warrants, lets just say, the Night’s Watch could’ve started better. They taking L’s left and fucking right. Meanwhile, Ygritte been waitin on this shit since Summer Jam. She showed up to the arcade with a stack of quarters with a boxing robe on that says “NUMBERS ON THE BOARD” across the back.

williamevanswrites game of thrones reviews thoo? THE BEST!

It's so hard not being a Black Nerd

"I, though never having read a comic book before, do love to read, thusly I was expecting, at the very least not to hate whichever comic was suggested. What I did not anticipate is how thoroughly I would enjoy it. So now I have a genuine affection for Miles Morales and a legitimate interest in what happens in the next issue of Saga, but I’m lost in the world of Nerddom."- Thuli Zuma

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