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Game of Thrones Recap: "The Watchers on the Wall"

When the action starts and the Wildlings start runnin up in the Crows castle (couldn’t bring myself to say nest in earnest) like search warrants, lets just say, the Night’s Watch could’ve started better. They taking L’s left and fucking right. Meanwhile, Ygritte been waitin on this shit since Summer Jam. She showed up to the arcade with a stack of quarters with a boxing robe on that says “NUMBERS ON THE BOARD” across the back.

williamevanswrites game of thrones reviews thoo? THE BEST!

"Whats the difference between a human being and a tree? They’re born, they live, they reproduce, they die, they break… easily, they drop their defenses in rose gardens and call it love."

"The thing about hearts is that even after they break, they keep going… I keep going. I walk to the edge of the map and stared out over the yellow brick road. How the    velvet thing inside me now absorbs the echoes of my creaking joints, how the trees keep falling inside me and i never hear….a sound"- Jen G

THIS. IS. MY SHIT!! She dove waaay into the back story of the tin man which i recognize and love man. 

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