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07.23.14 outfit : batman day

batman bow: Betty Felon
peter pan collar peplum top:
forever 21
batman skirt:
forever 21
black & gold flats: h&m
cat eye glasses: derek cardigan (via Coastal)
batman charm bracelets: vintage

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please excuse the dusty mirror selfies, but here’s my bat-outfit that i wore on batman day~


I still have a massive HeroesCon recap blog post in the works, but considering the comics news today, I wanted to share this amazing commission that Babs Tarr drew for me at HeroesCon

Since Babs was so busy at the con all weekend, I just handed her my sketchbook on Saturday and asked for a commission of Jem, but only if she wasn’t too bombarded with work. When I stopped by her table on Sunday, she surprised me with an illustration of me as Batgirl/Batmangirl and I almost started tearing up on the spot. Thank you so much, Babs - I really can’t wait to see you work your magic on the new Batgirl series this fall.

P.S. Also, thank you, Jordan, for coloring me in

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