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The CW has found a comfortable niche with the younger TV crowd with hits like Arrow, and they’re looking to expand on that with a spin-off in The Flash. This superhero series will be paired up with Supernatural on Tuesdays, followed up by Arrow and The 100 on Wednesdays. Interestingly, they’ve also released a 5-minute extended trailer for The Flash that feels like a movie trailer.

Me and Jared Singer doing Ridiculous, the funniest sex poem we could think of. The funny part is we wrote another piece about names and we agree its one of the most intelligent things we’ve written……but aint nobody was tryin hear that shit LOL. This just over shadowed the other piece entirely. This is the most fun i think anyone can have in a group piece… just saying. 

I gotta thank William Evans for getting me into Game of Thrones. I went through the first season in a day. This shit goes so hard. I have become such a fan of House Stark and each kid…. (minus sansa stark) along with their direwolfs

Robb stark is theeeeeee coldest muh fucka ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!! The opening to season two when his wolf just jumps out and starts ripping a soldier to shit from the shadows while rob is sitting back listening to dudes screaming. arghhh that scene is fucking ice and goes so hard. Grey wind is fucking boss. 

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