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Direwolf (because I still do poems…at times)

(After Joanna Hoffman)

You see the glasses,

You see the boyish facial features

And I know what you’re thinking

Oh we’ll he’s a nice guy his spirit animal must be

Like an Otter or a 5 minute old baby kitten,

Nah…I ain’t bout that life

My spirit animal is a fucking Direwolf b

And Direwolf don’t take no shit

Direwolf been ready for shit to pop off

Direwolf be my hype man 24/7

Dude cut me in line and direwolf be like

Grawr Raarrw wroooo hooooo

Which translates to

“oh no, oh heeeeeeellll no”

Direwolf don’t know how to act right

Direwolf be having to calm himself down before a fight like

“I wanna put my paws on’em… ya feel me”

Direwolf crip walkin on ya kitchen counter right now

Direwolf’s real name is Stanley

Don’t call Direwolf Stanley

Direwolf can run at 60 miles per hour

Direwolfs been extinct for years

Direwolf is LITERALLY ghost riding the whip

Direwolf got the fantasy genre on lock

Direwolf love watching his people on game of thrones

Direwolf said what up Starks, winter is coming muh fuckas

Direwolf always ready for football

Direwolf stay getting season tickets

Direwolf is only a spirit animal guide from 9 to 5

But she don’t mind if you call her during home hours

I gotta thank William Evans for getting me into Game of Thrones. I went through the first season in a day. This shit goes so hard. I have become such a fan of House Stark and each kid…. (minus sansa stark) along with their direwolfs

Robb stark is theeeeeee coldest muh fucka ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!! The opening to season two when his wolf just jumps out and starts ripping a soldier to shit from the shadows while rob is sitting back listening to dudes screaming. arghhh that scene is fucking ice and goes so hard. Grey wind is fucking boss. 

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