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Creepy Word #1 Moist

Moist is by far one of the creepiest words in the English language. To me at least. I swear on everything known to man i hate this word. It sounds disgusting coming out of anyone’s mouth. its just feels verbally dirty. If there is even such a thing or phrase. if not then fuck it I will coin it now. This is a verbally dirty word. That can’t and won’t ever unhappen.

Every time someone says the word “Moist” i envision some sexual predator rubbing his hands together like Mr. Burns over looking kids in a newly bought sweat shop (while saying excellent or not totally up to you) just saying “oh sally (i use sallly as an example a lot it rolls out easier then Rebecca Margerie or Tashana) you’re panties are soo moiiiiiist”. ARghhh Thats so super fucking creep-tastic.

If I am getting it on with a woman/mermaid/amazon queen and she says i’m so moist my first thought would be okay why are you saying that word as if you’re some type of yellow cake and my second thought would be well looks we’re goin have to talk about our feelings hopes dreams and fears now cause thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis is super over now.

And i know you’re like well what word would you use to replace her saying moist. That  simple. Wet. say wet like a normal human uncreepy person would. like honestly if you are saying moist in the bedroom you’re not getting it on you’re practicing synonyms for your play in words with friends. I would even suggest using damp but see previous statement.

In closing I do cringe at the use of the word and hope that it gets whited-out in each present and future dictionary. fuck moist. fuck moist and the people that use it voluntarily. 

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