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Last night’s three episodes of Community did something to me. I had exams to study for and I didn’t get to see them until now. I had to wait. Waiting is the worst part of it all. I had to stay off Tumblr to not see any spoilers.

This show has done something to me. It has made me realize the importance of a show like this. All of the things they say in the last episode were so inspiring. They actually have heart. Real heart. That means something, especially for a TV show. A TV show can give you more happiness than what some friends, possessions, etc. can give you. That means something. It’s amazing.

Dan Harmon has made one of the single greatest shows to ever be on television and it’s only been on for 3 seasons. All of the characters teach you different things about yourself. I find my awkwardness in Abed, my love in Shirley, my weirdness in Troy, my cockiness in Jeff, my outlandishness in Pierce, my failures in Britta (sorry), and my upbeatness in Annie. I see all of that and then they all come together as one: a Community. 

Never leave Community. If you do, maybe then people will realize how amazing you are.

Sorry for ranting. Please reblog if you feel the same.

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