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Im going to start paying respect to certain hip-hop artists/rappers/emcess that do a good job with dropping a superhero reference. I’ll also be pointing out the ones that do a horrible job. First up the floor recognizes one Pharoahe Monch for his excellet references!.

Why I Spy, my third eye, extremely high voltage.
That’s why I need Ruby Quartz glasses/
’Cause when I glance there’s a chance I might blast the masses-“High Voltage rmx”

Talkin’ about, nigga can rap, no shit Sherlock/ ya’ll MC’s can’t see me, like Matt Murdoch - “Let’s Go”

He goes into detail and doesn’t even name drop for the cyclops reference and on the Dare Devil reference he proves his nerd card by dropping the Government. Thank you Pharoahe!! Fucking awesome man

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