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Blogs roll, dash full, I prefer the nerdy things
people not on tumblr act like Tumblr isn’t everything
I’m having a good time, you aint trying to source the shit
shout out to the fact we reppin black nerds doing it

blacknerdproblems -“Up all night (on Tumblr) remix” (via omarholmon)

aka The ish that goes on in Black Nerd Problems meetings and g-chats.

(via ripopentheuniverse)


Michael Dunn has just been found guilty of 1st degree murder in the death of Jordan Davis.

I personally wouldn’t call this justice, but it’s definitely a victory. Justice would’ve allowed us to get a guilty verdict in the 1st trial & a regard for black life would’ve allowed Jordan Davis to live as full a life as possible.

Nevertheless, here we are. Peace to his family, may they find some solace in this verdict.

Our fight for justice is just beginning ✊

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