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Our friends from WATSON AND HOLMES over at New Paradigm Studios have been nominated for TWO Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards!


(Complete list of Eisner Award nominees…)

Our pals are nominated for:

BEST NEW SERIES: Watson and Holmes by Karl Bollers, Rick Leonardi, Paul Mendoza, et al

BEST SINGLE ISSUE: Watson and Holmes #6 by Brandon Easton and N. Steven Harris

Learn more about Watson and Holmes here at New Paradigm’s website.

I will be guest writing Issue #8 and am so chuffed to pieces!  The preliminary art looks fabulous, and I’m so thrilled to be working on an adaptation of “The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist” with these guys.  Dates forthcoming, but it’s rolling right along.

Congrats to everyone at New Paradigm for all their inspirational work!

Eisners? Way to go, and much congratulations on your nominations, New Paradigm!

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